The American T is a premium quality t-shirt. It offers a modern cut and has great feel to the enzyme treated fabric This is the t-shirt you wear or give away knowing that the person who receives it will be impressed. ( Will not to be used as a BBQ rag)           

The best ways to brand your tshirt is to screen print. The minimum quantity run for Screen Printing is 15 making any repeat orders easy to place. The maximum colours we run is 7 and you also have the chance to 4 colour spot print,  meaning graphics and photos  will appear on your tee shirt.


What to look for when selecting a t-shirt ?

If looking for touch football, basketball, netball or soccer shirts it is best to consider the cool dry sports fabric. This draws moisture away from the body allowing you to cool down faster. Also there are now new styles available with vents allowing more air flow into the garment. So if you are having to put together your sporting clubs next uniform let us know as we will direct you to your best options.

When it comes to a cheap promotional tee it is best to stick to white and the higher the quantity the better the price. Remember though there are different weights of fabric and the cheaper you go the more you can see through it.